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LUA HADAR with TWIST presents Like A Bridge: a 69-minute Live Studio Concert directed by Emmy-winner Lawrence Jordan, showcasing the band’s “cosmopolitan jazz” sound. Songs in seven languages weave the theme of our common humanity through this passionate, fun and eclectic performance by vocalist Lua Hadar and her band of top international musicians.

full_band_montage_horizonal_loresWe are happy to announce the September 2016 release of the full-length Like A Bridge Concert Film on iTunes and Google Play.

LIKE A BRIDGE concert film on iTunes

LIKE A BRIDGE concert film on Google Play

To celebrate this event we are releasing a series of nine short episodes of the story behind Like A Bridge, entitled Building Bridges, at this link on Youtube.

The Like A Bridge Collector’s Edition DVD is for sale at live shows and by mail.

Official DVD Trailer for Like A Bridge

All About Jazz review of Like A Bridge, by Geannine Reid 10/25/12 … a bold, worldly musical venture… Hadar’s grasp of various languages and vernaculars is vast, singing in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Malagasy. What is more impressive is her command of each of the seven dialects’ dictions and supple inflections within the musical selections, and her phrasing of each melodic line…a bridge of musical delight that makes a truly global journey, introducing sounds from across the beautiful palette of diversity.

Footage from the World Premiere screening of our Live Studio Concert movie, Nov. 15, 2012, at the historic Balboa Theater in San Francisco.

LUA HADAR with TWIST: Like A Bridge

Like A Bridge CD and DVD Track Analysis

CD & DVD Recorded LIVE at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California, USA, 2012
CD Released April 14, 2012, at Somethin’ Jazz Club, New York City
DVD premiere screening November 15, 2012, at The Historic Balboa Theater, San Francisco, CA
DVD release September 30, 2013, at Yoshi’s Jazz Club, Oakland CA
Digital release September 2016
℗© 2012 New Performance Group; All Rights Reserved

Lua Hadar – Multi-lingual Vocals
Jason Martineau – Piano, Music Director/Arranger
Dan Feiszli – Acoustic & Electric Bass
Celso Alberti – Drums
Ian Dogole – Udu, Dumbek, Shakers, Cajon
Larry De La Cruz – Alto, Tenor, Soprano Sax & Flute
With special guests David Miotke on Jazz Accordion, Emil Miland on Cello, Fumiko Ozawa on Koto and Gideon Bendile with members of the Kalahari Experience Zulu Choir.

Co-Producers –Lua Hadar & Candace Forest
Video Director – Lawrence Jordan
Recording Engineer – Jesse Nichols
Live Sound Engineer – Craig Griffeath
Mixing Engineer – Dan Feiszli
Mastering Engineer – Ken Lee
Photography – Kingmond Young, Jack Schow
Graphic Design – Paige Smith
Video Editing – InVision Productions
Video Technical Producer – Hamilton Everts

DESCRIPTION: LUA HADAR with TWIST: Like A Bridge (CD, DVD, Concert Film download) was recorded live at the legendary Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California. Lua’s cosmopolitan jazz sound draws from many nationalities and styles, connected by our common humanity, with the Bridge as its symbol.

Since its inception in 2007, Hadar’s world jazz band Twist has developed a reputation for twisting the style of international standards, performing original numbers and presenting songs in several languages. The new recording features songs in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Malagasy, the language of Madagascar.

The DVD includes a 69-minute Live Studio Concert directed by Emmy Award winner Lawrence Jordan (Tony Bennett, Sting, Mariah Carey, Eddie Izzard, more). The 9-part series, Building Bridges, about the making of Like A Bridge, has now released on Youtube.

Instrumentation: vocals, piano, acoustic and electric bass, drums, global percussion (udu, cajon, dumbek, shakers), reeds, koto, cello, jazz accordion.


The DVD and Concert Film feature three numbers that do not appear on the Like A Bridge CD:

Né Quelque Part (French, Zulu) (4:23)
Maxime Le Forestier’s pop song, “Born Somewhere,” advocates for immigration rights in both French and Zulu. The compelling, upbeat performance features Lua’s French vocal, backed by South African performer Gideon Bendile, with members of his Kalahari Experience Zulu Choir.

The Golden Gate Bridge (English) (4:28)
San Francisco Bay Area comedic songwriter Rita Abrams penned a few extra lyrics for the 75th anniversary of one of the world’s most iconic bridges. Lua enjoys the romp as she takes on the persona of the Bridge who’s been through it all.

Scriabin Etude in D# Minor, Opus 8, No.12 (Instrumental) (6:08)
Mystic, visionary, virtuoso, and composer, Alexander Scriabin dedicated his life to creating musical works to open the portals of the spiritual world. Music Director Jason Martineau takes the lead in a unique virtuoso jazz adaptation of the 1894 piano work, with fiery performances by bassist Dan Feiszli and drummer Celso Alberti.

Ten numbers appear on BOTH the CD and DVD/Concert Film

Bridge Over Troubled Water (English) (5:53)
This American pop classic has been embraced by the world and beautifully expresses how all human beings can reach out to each other; person to person, country to country, culture to culture. Larry De La Cruz solos on alto sax, adding to the rich warmth of Lua’s vocal in this world beat rendition.

Ojalá Que Llueva Café (Spanish) (3:28)
“If only it would rain coffee.” Lua sings this exuberant anthem of the 99% from the Dominican Republic, backed up by the driving force of Celso Alberti on the drum set, Ian Dogole on cajon, with Larry De La Cruz wailing on tenor sax.

Beyond the Sea/La Mer (French) (5:25)
Charles Trenet’s “La Mer” was Americanized and popularized by Bobby Darin. In contrast, Lua’s rendition is steeped in French nostalgia, quoting the French folk song about dancing on a bridge, “Sur le Pont D’Avignon” (On the Bridge of Avignon.)

Raha Mbola Misy (Malagasy) (4:04)
A folk classic from the island of Madagascar, the former French colony off the east coast of Africa. Sung by Lua in the original Malagasy language and twisted as a samba, the lyrics ask, encouragingly, “If there is still a smile and time to share happiness, why waste your winter nights crying, hungry for the light?” Larry De La Cruz solos on flute.

San Francisco (French) (3:58)
The French pop tribute to the now famous Blue House recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, after songwriter Maxine Le Forestier introduced millions to the culture of San Francisco in 1971. Lua met and sang with Le Forestier in June 2011. Inspired by this meeting, TWIST recorded San Francisco as a funk tune with bass solo by Dan Feiszli and Hadar on the French lyric. “It is a Blue House, couched in my memory; we come on foot, no need to knock, they’ve thrown away the key.”

Child of Man (English/Hebrew) (4:49)
A joyous celebration of life and renewal by Israeli singer-songwriter Noa, this world beat anthem is enhanced by global percussionist Ian Dogole on the udu. The last line is in Hebrew, “I wish I were a flower or a tree.”

Sukiyaki/Ue o Muite Aruko (Japanese) (4:24)
“Ue o Muite Aruko” made its debut on the world pop stage in 1963, known then as “Sukiyaki.” A song of dignity and hope, it was notably reprised after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, encouraging the devastated populace to “walk with its head up.” Music Director Jason Martineau collaborated with koto player Fumiko Ozawa to create a new east-west arrangement of the pop classic, sung by Lua in Japanese.

Imagina (Portuguese) (3:45)
A mystical waltz in Portuguese by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Chico Buarque, its wide vocal range is usually covered with a male-female duet. Lua’s duet is with renowned cellist Emil Miland, evoking the oneness of man and woman in the cosmos.

Stregata dall’Amor/Ravel’s Bolero (Italian) (5:26)
Martineau’s arrangement pairs the love theme from Fellini’s “La Strada” and its palpitating Italian lyrics with the world famous Ravel’s “Bolero.” Hadar sings with passionate intensity: “You say you do not know how to love, you say you cannot love; but you are bewitched by love!” Celso Alberti on the snare drum with Larry De La Cruz on the classic soprano sax theme.

Isfahan (Instrumental) (5:47)
The Far East Suite (1966) was inspired by a world tour undertaken by cultural ambassador Duke Ellington and his orchestra in 1963.The Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Iran, is regarded as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Twist’s arrangement of Strayhorn’s “Isfahan” features Jason Martineau on piano, Dan Feiszli on bass, Larry De La Cruz on alto and Celso Alberti on drums.

DVD Splash page

Like A Bridge DVD debuts November 15, 2012.

A shot from the edit room at InVision Productions in San Rafael:

A shot from the edit room; working on the section of the video about our Japanese song, Ue O Muite Aruko, and the story behind it.

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