When in Rome: Songs of the La Dolce Vita Era
Plays Feinstein’s at the Nikko Hotel Union Square, San Francisco on Nov. 19, 2016


Official Trailer for Like A Bridge DVD


C’est Magnifique at Society Cabaret November 2013
Return engagement July 12, 2014 for Bastille Day


Cabaret Comico 2014: Coming October 17-18, 2014


Cabaret Comico Slideshow – Society Cabaret San Francisco 10/26/13


Merci, Paris! The Swan Bar in Montparnasse


Premiere Night for Like A Bridge at the Balboa

I tell interviewer Joe Marchi why I am doing this project, on his Pacifica, California-based TV show, Regards to Broadway. Joe is an authority on the American Musical, and has been so kind to invite me twice to his show.

A footnote to this entry: the ebullient and erudite Joe Marchi passed in April 2012. The January 2012 show excerpted here was his last, and I was so honored to be his guest.

A Little Movie – March 27, 2012

Photos by Jack Schow

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